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Benessere LUXo Ceiling

  • Benessere LUXo Ceiling
  • Benessere LUXo Ceiling
Товар можно получить 16.10.2020
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Производитель: I.SO Italia
Описание: LUXo is a tanning panel with an innovative and modern design suitable for any kind of environment connected to wellness and tanning. LUXo have 6 x 650W lamps. Thanks to a remote control with rechargeable batteries and a wide LCD it can be easily controlled and programmed from anywhere inside the room.The ceiling version features a special optional, the electronic height adjustment through a remote control; this feature makes the tanning panel suitable to any kind of requirement.
Функции: Remote control system with rechargeable batteries and Anti-reflector LCD display
4 Time Modes
Electronic Ventilation Control
Electronic Control of Lamps Output.
Electronic Filters Control
Electronic Temperature Control
Aroma Diffuser
Digital and Mechanical Timers
Ceiling System
Опции: Ceiling hook installation with remote control operated engine for lifting
Габариты, см: 2112 x 295 x 520
Мощность: 4 kW
Гарантийный срок: 2 года

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